Rockstars aren’t created overnight. Neither are Interview Rockstars. It takes at the very least an excellent resume and polished interview skills. Interviews are tough. Period. As a candidate going onsite or being called for an interview, you are in the very nerve-wracking position. You don’t have a lot of control. What questions will they ask of you? Do you know the style of the interview? Do you know how long the interview will last? What can you do now?

• You owe it to yourself to be prepared and confident.
• We exist to help you have the best possible resume, and the best possible interview skills.
• Let’s get you ready to rock. Read on.



    Format? Font alignment? Active verb tenses? Bullet point flow? Objective and quantitative phrases? Let us help you make it better.



    Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. This is not rocket science. If you practice at interviewing, you WILL become better at it.



    Check us out. Pick the service that works for you. Email us everything you want us to know. We talk. We agree. We work together.



    From $30 to $250, we offer exactly nine services. You pay us first. We work second. Everyone leaves happy. The end. For real.



We offer nine basic services. Nothing less, nothing more. Nothing we do will make you “get” a job. That’s your mission. Ours is simple: make your resume better, and make you better at interviewing.

Our promise to you is equally simple, and comes in two parts:
1. Your resume will be better after working with us.
2. Your interview skills will be sharper after working with us.

Our services are separated into 3 stages: Resume, Interview and Encore. We offer 4 Resume services, 3 Interview services, and 2 Encore services. Click on a star below to learn more about each service. That’s it. We like to rock it simple.




    Built from Scratch

    Jam Session (60 minutes):

    Rehearsal Run Through
    (60 minutes):

    Sound Check (right before you head into company interview):

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Hey there. I’m Kelly. I started Interview Rockstar. I really love what I do. Reviewing resumes and interviewing people are probably the two things I have done the most in terms of my professional career. I’ve been told I’m pretty darn good at both. But in order to convince you that I am actually good at the work – read on:

• I’m a recruiting professional with over 12 years experience in the space
• I’ve worked every angle of recruiting: Fortune 50 internal recruiter, Web Start-up recruitment manager, HR Generalist for a multi-state HR services firm, Headhunter for executive/management roles, Entrepreneur/Business builder of a recruitment-services consulting firm
• I founded, grew, ran and finally sold a highly successful recruiting-centric business
• I’ve reviewed at least 10,000 resumes (probably way higher) and conducted at least 5,000 phone and/or in-person interviews (also, probably way higher)

I also have a huge love for music – hence the theme of the business – and I like to have fun in the work that I do. If you think my company’s services can help you – then awesome, and I look forward to getting to know you and earning your trust.


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    We’ve got a client flying down to Austin next week for two half-day work sessions. It’s really got me thinking about expectation setting. I heard once that expectations can be nothing more than resentments under construction, especially if you don’t communicate about them in advance. We all have expectations, every day in every facet of our lives. Does anyone else know what those expectations are? Does your boss? Does your co-worker? Does your girlfriend?

    I love working one-on-one with clients. I get to work with people who are trying to better themselves. They are trying to better their chances at landing a job they really want, or getting a promotion they know is possible, or figuring out how to change career direction. With customized work sessions, expectation setting is vitally important. I want my client to walk out of that work session feeling better, knowing they have improved skills, and ready to move forward confidently.


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    Y,all. Spell check. Really.

    There is a bar at the top of just about any computer I’ve ever seen when you are working in Word – and on that bar you will see the word: TOOLS. Click on that and the very first thing you should see at the top of the list of tools you can use on your Resume (or any document): Spelling and Grammar.

    I don’t care if you were your town/city/state’s Spelling Bee Champion or if you got the highest score ever on Words with Friends or if you’ve won every Scrabble game played in your lifetime: you need to click on Spelling and Grammar.

    Do it. Be confident that every word on your resume is spelled correctly. Check your grammar. Use the tools at your immediate (and free) disposal. This should take approximately one minute of your time in life. If it takes longer than one minute, you might want to think about calling us. Now.

    Use the tools and rock your resume.

    And lastly, the first person to comment (and send me their contact info) with the name of the song and artist from this blog post title, they can get a free Resume Critique. I’m clearly showing my age here.


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    Gals & Guys -

    After my first Rehearsal Run Through today at Interview Rockstar, I would like to share 4 points of emphasis:

    #1 TOUGHNESS. It is tough having to be a candidate during a selection process right now! I can empathize with the difficulty and lack of control each person must feel as they ride the very weird wave of being a candidate, potential candidate, or previous candidate. This ride you find yourself on in the job selection process requires toughness. Get okay with it being tough. It just is what it is. Tough.

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